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Sardargarh is between:

  1. Jaipur (North 300 kms.) to Udaipur (South 94 kms)
  2. Jodhpur (North-West 180 kms) to Udaipur 94 kms.

Sardargarh is in Rajsamand district of Rajasthan.

The Forts overall architectural style is grand, but still it strikes you with a solemn austerity. Understandable, since it was build for military reasons, Shunning florid aesthetic expressions. It is fortified with massive ramparts, and giant circular bastions with battlements. Huge entrances and gateways, concentric walls and imposing arches, domes and vaulted spaces, textured facades, jharokhas (balconies) and cannons complete the picture of medieval military ambience. Temples, gardens, bath aria, granaries, residential suites, audience halls, pavilions, water works, watch towers, armories, treasuries and mint dungeons are spread out across three lakh square feet with courtyards.

Distance from Sardargarh Kms Distance from Sardargarh Kms
Ajmer 180 Jaipur 300
Bikaner 436 Jaisalmer 510
Chitturgarh 100 Jodhpur 180
Delhi 520 Kota 267
Devigarh 69 Nathdwara 45
Deogarh 40 Pushkar 205
Eklingji 76 Udaipur 94
Devigarh 69 Deogarh Mahal 40

How to reach Sardargarh

Nearest airport Udaipur 90 minutes drive (94 km). Train Udaipur-Jodhpur (metre gauge).

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