With an ambience of timeless traditional beauty and rich history, Khush Mahal is the place for guests to rediscover fine-dining with an extensive menu on offer. The architecture of Khush Mahal is every art lover’s dream. Appreciate the fine details and the breath-taking craftsmanship all the while indulging in the delectable authentic Indian food.


Embark on a gastronomical journey with our artisanal dining experience at the open terrace restaurant – Rawla Terrace. The striking rooftop restaurant is ideal for soaking in the iconic view and escaping the reality for a while with an amazing food to accompany - whether that might be a uniquely crafted cocktail or even your feel-good dish. Whatever your preference, we are happy to create the meal to your liking.




Set in the studding views of Aravali Hills, Neelam Deck is an alfresco restaurant that gives you an opportunity to take in the splendour of nature while making your meal a feast for your senses. Celebrate an occasion, bring a date along, or even come over to experience the beauty of the nature. Neelam Deck is sure to make all your meals memorable ones.


Experience authentic Indian food like never before. Kacheri, the striking restaurant, offers guests a chance to experience all the amazing flavors our Chefs whip up. Now known for its authentic Indian cuisine, Kacheri was formerly famous for being the court room at the fort. The restaurant comprises of two floors - the upper deck has an amazing view, while the lower is more intimate and filled with the aromas from spicy curries.